Dominican La Romana - a perfect place for recreation paradise

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There is no more beautiful place in the Dominican Republic than the La Romana. This city is the center of the province and can even boast the presence of its own international airport. Just a small amount of fairing (9 mb) provide the resort's popularity and an endless stream of tourists thanks to good service and maintenance.

All these hotels have a different number of stars, only one of these three-star, but the prices are sky-high and is not living in them are low.

This choice, as La Romana to travel to the Dominican Republic is a very good option, especially if we take into account the free app to fresh air and scenery, clear Caribbean Sea.

This capital city is located on the shores of a wide bay, which is protected on all sides from the winds. Absolutely all the coast of the bay - is a continuous white sand beach, which will remain in memory for a lifetime. Surrounding the city is not just the rich green hills, but poprastu saying, jungle, among which you can find a large number of beautiful birds and amazing plants around - and smelling blossom forever.

Do not forget that to be in heaven, you can not only at a luxury resort, but also in his own home. It is important the design of the rooms and the style in which they are made.

For lovers of exotic, you can replace a conventional hotel room at the bungalows, which are located in the midst of Duarte - a special place in the heart of the jungle of La Romana. Activities here will be quiet and calm, something reminiscent of ecotourism.


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