Disneyland - an unforgettable vacation in Wonderland!

Disneyland - an unforgettable vacation in Wonderland!

Disneyland, since ancient times, is considered a paradise for any child. Each of us who has ever watched cartoons of Disney, did not remain indifferent to this exciting and fantastic world of eternal triumph and celebration. Today, the rest of the country adventures of famous heroes from childhood, can be in several places. The most popular attendance are Paris, Spanish and American Disneyland. We consider these in more detail.


Disneyland Paris is huge, its area covers more than a hectare of land. On its territory there are hotels, cafes and restaurants, a lot of souvenir shops, shops, concert and theater scenes. The daily operation of the park depends on the season. The more active period, he does not close until late at night.

Divide it into five districts or are called - republics. Fooling them on foot, of course, did not happen. But for the convenience of guests, the park operates a special transport, which goes round the neighborhood. Each "country", he makes a stop, and during the trip, is an observation deck on the surrounding beauty: desert dunes with picturesque oases and forever green fields with many wild animals.

Disneyland Paris is practically no different from the original in the United States. There are a lot of rides and carousels, aquatic and terrestrial forms of entertainment.


Its area is much smaller than in Paris. It is located in the Spanish town of melenko "Port Aventura", which is equipped under the old wild west.

There you will find, and dense jungle, with the oldest tribes, and cowboys, as well as lightning-fast riders, showing great performances and shows. Fans of extreme relaxation offer Mexican swing, fast race on the steep logs in the water, riding on the train, and every evening all the tourists expect chic salute.


This complex of fun and excitement - the first, of all others, was built in the state of California, in 1955. It is a complete reproduction of all fairy tales and cartoons of the famous artist.

The park has a very diverse infrastructure: a huge number of trendy hotels and holiday homes with their own golf courses, restaurants, night discos - are waiting for everyone who wants a fun and entertaining time and experience a lot of unforgettable emotions. Disneyland itself has 5 famous places: The central street of the United States, the traveler attractions Indiana Jones, the landing on the moon, theater venues and popular fantasy cartoon characters. There will be interesting to both children and adults.

In conclusion I would like to note that to visit, at least once in life, in the illusion of the legendary Walt Disney, everyone should. When choosing a place for vacations, especially with children, keep in mind, most importantly, to make it a memorable vacation for a long time, you and your family.


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