Countries of the Middle East

Countries of the Middle East

The Middle East is full of numerous contrasts. It coexists peoples with a variety of cultural backgrounds.


In this country, a warm friendly greeting is a warm, friendly handshake. True, Arabs living in Israel often embrace and exchange kisses. One of the norms of life in Israel is unofficial. Many men go to the service in shorts or breeches and simple shirts without collars. Women prefer conservative suits or dresses. If the tourist is going to visit a synagogue or a mosque, you should wear a dress with sleeves elongated by the elbow and a skirt for the knee, as well as grab a scarf to cover his head if necessary. If the Israelis invited tourists for dinner, it's befitting to come with a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates. Decide to bring a treat, you need to make sure that it is kosher, especially if the owner is an orthodox Jew.

As for the Israelis who came to this country from Europe or America, they are more tolerant of violating secular conventions. Although being in their society, it is recommended to avoid condemning the political events of the region and religious issues, and discussions.

The Arab population.

Arabs are distinguished by hospitality, a sense of dignity, curiosity and impeccable politeness. Men very often at a meeting say each other high-pitched compliments, exchange kisses and hugs. During the conversation, they can touch each other with their hands and gesticulate, but do not point at anyone with a finger - this is the height of disrespect.

A huge role in the life of the Arab peoples is played by religion, primarily Islam. Even in such a seemingly secular state as Turkey, where it is allowed to drink wine, women wear European clothes and secular forces are in power, yet the predominant cultural factor is Islam. As for such closed traditionalist states like Saudi Arabia, Islam is the basis of both secular and spiritual life there. Everyone should make a prayer rule several times a day.

Sometimes the inhabitants of Western countries can not in any way draw attention to Arab names. However, in fact, everything is quite simple: the name given at birth is the first; Then the father's name is written with intermediate syllables forming a link between these elements, and then the surname follows.


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