Classification of hotels in different countries

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Classification of hotels in different countries

Every year, when going on holiday to one of the most popular countries that provide recreation at sea, a problem arises. How to choose a hotel? And the difference between five-star hotels in Egypt and the UAE. The better this or that. How to choose because the cost is very different.

Choosing a tour in one of the warm countries, we are determined with what hotel is better. To ensure that the service is inexpensive and appropriate. Regardless of the number of stars, the service will be at the highest level. The classification of hotels is determined not only by the number of stars, but also by the availability of those or other amenities. In addition, if the hotel offers a holiday at sea, and positions itself as a beach it is worth to clarify how far from the coastline it is located. This applies especially to Turkey or Egypt, where the first line is located near the edge of the Mediterranean or Aegean Seas, and the third is far enough.

The classification of hotels by the stars in different countries is significantly different. Choosing Egypt or Thailand, you can be sure that every room has a three-star air conditioning, but that's the presence of the bathroom no one promises. Most coastal countries save water and in many hotels install shower cabins. The best are considered all-inclusive resorts, when drinks and food for guests are completely free. Egypt is a country famous not only for the famous pyramids and temples of Thebes, but also for excellent hotels offering excellent service regardless of status and stardom. In many there are heated pools and SPA-salons.

For those who have chosen a holiday at sea in Thailand, it will be determined, it will be a little more difficult. Although the main classification of hotels includes from one to five stars, it is not worth the trust in advertising. When choosing, pay attention to the date of construction or restoration. Although many three-star hotels can boast both comfortable rooms and excellent service, Thais in this regard are one of the most smiling and affable nations of the world. At some island resorts, most of the hotels are bungalow type, when guests live not in a common building, but in separate houses. At the same time to rest on the sea in such a hotel will be much cheaper than in the buildings, with separate rooms.

But hotels in the United Arab Emirates differ from others not only with their luxurious interiors, but also with a set of services. Nowhere are there such exquisite rooms, with huge marble bathrooms trimmed, brocade bedspreads on king-size beds. There are city and beach hotels, which can differ both in terms of both the situation and the price. At the same time, one can be sure of the invariable quality of service, assistance in the preparation of excursion programs and the provision of a transfer. The staff at most of the hotels speaks several European languages.


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