China - a place not only to work

China, the nature, the sky, the Chinese culture, leisure in China

Today, China is one of the most developed countries in the world. Despite the fact that in this country a lot of people's lives, spaces and different places in it in excess. Yes, China is perfect as a country where you can relax. Tourist business in the country is booming, and good power infrastructure confirms it. Any person in a short time can reach almost any part of the country.

China is not very dense system of rivers, but still there are places which beat all records for attendance. Of course, this applies to the two greatest rivers - the Yellow River and the Yangtze. Although China's economy is heavily pollute the environment, these two rivers still can compete with the purity Russian rivers Lena and about. Also, the state creates artificial reservoirs, which are aimed at leisure. It is in China and is one of the largest artificial lakes in the world.

Architecture and art of China by many scientists called the oldest in the world. What is "The Eighth Wonder of the World", as the Great Wall of China. But do not forget that the entire state is thousands of churches and cathedrals, the age of which exceeds more than 250 years.

Tourist can in this country to try a lot of unique dishes that are not found anywhere in the world. And it will not cost much. Many Chinese cities millionaires in terms of population. Therefore, every tourist will be able to for a few days to visit more than 50 cities, home to more than a million people. This does not exist anywhere in the world.

China does not have the strong and cruel conditions prohibiting hiking in the mountain part where the extracted minerals. That is, any tourist can see how the work is going on in the mining industry without any problems. People in China is not much different od other countries. He is also friendly and loyal to foreigners. However, a lot of things for them can cause negative. For example, when a foreigner greets "sloppy" in Chinese. Speaking more English is used. Chinese - inveterate workers, so to distract a man who somewhere in a hurry, in China it is considered bad form.

A few days of good rest in China can cost differently. There can rest and for $ 100, if not much roll out her lip, but you can walk to a few thousand. This is dependent on human performance.


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