Cancel all inclusive in Turkey

Cancel all inclusive in Turkey

Today came unexpected information from Turkey. One of the officials, who is responsible for the trade and association of artisans, suggested removing all inclusive from Turkish hotels and allowing tourists to travel more around the country and eat in cafes and restaurants.

According to him, tourists stopped visiting interesting places in Turkey and began spending less money on food because of this system.

His statement sounds quite strange, given that the main tourist flow to this eastern country, it is just because tourists appreciate the good work done by this scheme of Turkish hoteliers.

A large number of drinks, alcohol, a variety of dishes that are already included in the price of the voucher. There is no need to spend money on food in restaurants, if the hotel has everything you need.

This package is much cheaper than eating in restaurants and a large number of not very rich people can go on holiday in Turkey inexpensively. It is for this reason that so many tourists from Russia choose Turkey as their place of rest.

What happens if "all inclusive" is canceled? Many tourists will seek an alternative to Turkey, for example Tunisia, Bulgaria, Kenya and other countries where this system works well.

In this case, Turkey will lose money rather than earn money on visits by tourists to restaurants and cafes.

Let's hope for the prudence of the authorities, because the statement of one official does not mean anything, until they make such a decision at the level of the whole country.


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