Cambodia Mysterious jungle

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The first heavy drops of monsoon rain falling on the mountains Kravan (known still as cardamom), breaking the mirror surface Tatai River. Lightning cuts a gray-blue sky, scattering dancing over the water at dusk fireflies. Forested foothills darken, and palm leaves meander under the streams of water.

When the rain subsides, the river starts to rise pairs, and frogs crawl out of hiding, exploring new water level. Fog glides lazily along the hills, through the coconut trees, thickets of wild plum and breadfruit trees. On boulders, sheltered green moss, rushing waterfall Tatai, and in river basins with a squeal jump local boys.

In Kravan mountains green "pocket" the south-west Cambodia, located within protected forests and natural corridors. What really helps to preserve these places, because it is their impermeability: tight cover canopy rain forest covers a group of small villages and, in recent years, eco-resorts. Manually cleared roads connecting isolated villages now serve as hiking trails for tourists wishing to explore this part of Cambodia.

The small dam dive white, red and black crabs, and between the trees the branches with a squeal flutters group of long-tailed macaques. On wet logs grown mushrooms. Some of them are used for food, while others - like mouse poison, so a professional local guide in such places is always security deposit.

In the evening, the river Tatai, sky, pushing toward the monsoon clouds, color representation are satisfied, coloring in shades of violet and clove. Forest revives the sounds of nocturnal birds and animals, and in the village with a bundle of firewood back locals.


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