Beauty - flight attendants on flights

Beauty - flight attendants on flights

Who flew both domestic and foreign flights, can compare the difference in the appearance of flight attendants. I do not argue that in Russia there are quite a lot of beautiful girls who work on the airplanes, but in many countries of the world, there are many more such girls.

And I started this topic not with the aim of humiliating Russian airlines, but just for the sake of comparison.

In fact, of course, it is much more pleasant when drinks in an airplane are brought by a beauty, and not Zinaida Pavlovna from a neighboring porch ... Many air carriers in the world are coming up with various chips to surprise their passengers. For example, stewardesses in swimsuits or models, which for one flight are serving airline personnel. And this is definitely a plus.

Of Russian airlines, Aeroflot is, perhaps, the standard of quality of stewards, both girls and young people and not only in appearance, but also in culture and professional qualities.

And in general it's difficult not to pay attention to how beautiful the girl is serving you on the plane and how polite she communicates with herself, will you agree?

Flight on an airplane is a huge stress that most passengers feel and the ability to brighten up it by the airline that makes this flight, a huge responsibility and a lot of work.

And we make to you that your flight passed quickly and comfortably.


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