Beautiful girls on vacation

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Every guy I think pays attention to beautiful girls when on vacation. Of course, not only on vacation, but also in everyday life, but on vacation abroad they are just dark)

Girls on the pool, at the bar, on the beach, in the city. There are thousands in their clubs! And different nationalities, forms, temperaments. Those who say that they say that millions of beautiful girls in Russia will be absolutely right. But when you are on a journey, everything is very different. There, as a rule, they are with a minimum of clothes, their shapes bulge ... well, how not to look at this beauty?

On vacation it is easier to get acquainted, to put out and even to start a relationship, in my life there have been such things. There are congestions of "elderly ladies and frankly ugly girls", as if they gather in packs and go hunting, where without it :-)

There are of course, and "razvodil", who want to untwist you for dinner or buying jewelry, but I think an intelligent guy will immediately understand what's what.

It's not that I go on vacation for the sake of beautiful aesthetics, but it's a nice addition to the sea, the sun and sights!

All pleasant travel and beautiful people, which are simply nice to look at, and someone not only to watch ...


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