Attractions of the Russian capital

Москва, кремль, Россия, природа, город, фото Москвы

Perhaps the main reason why tourists prefer to choose exactly the trip to Moscow, is a local landmark. Developed hiking trails allow you to explore just about anything not to miss any significant from a historical and cultural point of view of the object.

The fact that Moscow has a long history, does not mean that the local attractions are only to the era of the past centuries. Of course, there are many famous places and monuments that have survived to the present day. The most popular of these are the Kremlin, Red Square, temples, architectural structures, and more.

Inspect all the sights in one day - it is a difficult task. You would not want to quickly leave the city. A hotel in the North-East and many hotels are always open to visitors to the door with a smile and greet you.

Even recent history leaves its traces in Moscow. These include the resurrected Christ the Savior Cathedral, the residence of the emperors in Tsaritsyno, many temples and churches.

In the Russian capital, you can find a lot of monuments and world-famous places and some may know about only narrow circle of connoisseurs. So what exactly can you join those who know about Moscow even more than the locals.

Moscow - a historical city, a city of great people and events. And because it is worth a visit to see for his greatness, originality and uniqueness.

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