Attractions in France

Франция, Париж, Эйфелева башня

Not far from the Louvre, the largest and most famous museum of fine arts in the world, there is a futuristic fountain with pillars.

Right behind the Louvre stands the majestic Palais Royal - the residence of the illustrious Cardinal Richelieu. In the courtyard are 260 two-colored columns. The residence combines features of ancient architecture and modern art. The installation of the authorship of Daniel Buren caused a lot of controversy, but after a while it was still generally recognized, like the Eiffel Tower. Now both attractions attract tourists.

Such memorable places, for any tourist, like the Arc de Triomphe, Place de la Concorde and the Place de Gaulle, are worthy symbols of the power of the nation and the pride of the capital. The Champs Elysees are also majestic, where there are numerous theaters, restaurants, expensive shops and hotels. The French prefer luxury in everything.


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