Attractions in Corfu

Attractions in Corfu

While sailing around the island of Darrell on a boat, you can admire the rocks, olive and lemon groves and grottoes, and then buy up in a tiny cove. The sea is so clean that at a depth of five meters the bottom is visible. Not without reason Corfu beaches receive the Blue Flag from ecologists every year. The sea is more salty than our Black, it's easy to swim in it, and it seems that you yourself are a sea foam.

Sightseeing of the island of Corfu

We approach the tavern on the beach - the beach begins right next to the tables, you are invited to choose fish and sea animals, which will be cooked for us. "Kalamari", "Kalamari baby", "okhtapodja" (octopus), "gharides" (shrimp), "caravise" (someone crustaceans, but without claws) is something. Well, of course, Greek salad, cheese, local Miths beer or cool white wine ... In short, you can tell about Corfu cuisine for a long time.

On Corfu about 800 churches and monasteries - they are everywhere: on the islands, on the rocks. On the Kanoni peninsula, two island monasteries are visible from the top: Myshiny - Panagia Vlaherna and the island Ponticonissi, where the church of Pantokrat (the Most High). But most, perhaps, a beautiful place on Corfu - Paleokastritsa. It is a bay with several bays and the cliff of Calovri. According to legend, it is she who is the petrified ship of Odysseus. On the green rock there is a snow-white monastery where you can see old icons and just sit in the shade of grapes and date palms. And then go up to the village of Lakones and at a local restaurant, sipping a white wine, from the observation deck admire the beautiful scenery of the Mediterranean. What could be more wonderful in these moments?

From the excursions around Corfu, choose a trip to the kumkat plant - Chinese mandarin, unexpectedly, in the opinion of botanists, who took root in Corfu. From it, make liqueur and unmatched jam and marmalade. The Mavromati plant is more than 100 years old, and it is unfortunate that its products do not reach us.

Corfu will teach you to look at life differently, let it flow as it flows. Perhaps, here you also realize that life is fleeting and you should try to enjoy every moment of it.


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