Arabic cuisine

Arabic cuisine

The national cuisine in the UAE is very original and unpredictable. In Arab cuisine, and in general faith, you can not eat pork. Arabs use beef meat, veal, goat, chicken and all kinds of poultry, fish. Arabs have a habit of frying meat in a frying pan, but at the same time fat is not added during roasting. Maybe it will seem to somebody not quite usual, but it is very tasty, worth at least once to try. This dish, called "gusi", in itself is very tasty. This is the meat of a lamb, into which is also added such an ingredient as rice and nuts. This dish is the most popular for national cuisine in the UAE. Also very often the Arabs make such a dish as mutton cutlets, in which special seasonings and such grass as "kustileta" are added. That is, it can be concluded that meat in the UAE is used in almost every dish, especially veal, but this is not the limit, because there are many interesting things in the national cuisine in the UAE.

Very often coming to the Arab Emirates, I want to try dishes that are cooked from meat such as chicken. A very tasty and juicy dish, it's a chicken stewed in tomato. Also an excellent dish of national cuisine in the UAE, it's a chicken that was cooked for a couple of "al-Mandi" with the addition of an ingredient such as honey. Also, the Arabs do fine and we can say that an unusual casserole with chicken meat. And this is called "Haris", it can also be cooked with veal meat. For those who like the acuity of sensations, you can order a dish like "jajt-tannuri", this is a chicken, which is prepared in a spicy sauce. Also from the meat of birds, use for cooking and quail meat, called "Samman". In order for such dishes to be tastier and more pleasant, they serve such a side dish as salad and rice. Also, meat is used in soups, just do not think that there is such a soup as your home, everything is much more interesting, unusual and, of course, tastier.

In addition to the fact that the Arabs prefer meat, they also use seafood in their kitchen. That is, in the national kitchen in the UAE, you can cook lobsters, crabs, tuna, and shrimp, which are often served with an ingredient such as rice and various seasonings. The most interesting is that when you are in a restaurant and order the preparation of sea products, in 15 minutes you will have the most exquisite dish on your table that you could only see. What is most interesting and important is that in some restaurants in the United Arab Emirates, seafood products are in sight, and you can choose which piece or product you need to cook. For tourists, this feature is very important, so that they themselves can see and choose their product.

And of course, as without desserts, without such delicacies, there is not a single restaurant. For example, an unusual dish, but insanely delicious, is a bread pudding, it is called "umm ali" in the Emirates. Also, a lovely, sweet cheese cake, on the top of which there is a cream, is called this dish "ash asayaya." Also here you can find such a pudding, which is prepared with pistachios, and of course we do not forget that in the national cuisine in the UAE there is baklava, donut, which are prepared with honey, sherbet and a lot of tasty dishes. But the most important drink in the national cuisine in the UAE is coffee. Not only is it cooked right in front of you, so it all happens by hand. That is, we often drink coffee, which prepares the machine, everything is done on the spot. It is worth only once to try, and you will drink Arabic coffee every morning.


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