Andorra: rest in relaxation style.

Andorra: rest in relaxation style.

Many tourists compare Andorra with Spain, only emphasize its ski slope. But what is surprising is not a comparison, but the fact that, despite the absence of its own airport, the country manages to collect a decent number of tourists. This raises the question: what is so attractive Andorra? First, the variety of slopes equipped with lifts and regular maintenance clean. Secondly, the level of service or no way inferior to the more "advanced" ski resorts in Europe. And finally, thirdly, it is a reasonable price of the tour. As a bonus, you can add that it is not less popular among tourists because of the country received a favorable shopping (note: in Andorra free trade).

As mentioned earlier, in the State has no airport, and have to get through the neighbors Spain or France. The first way is a flight from Moscow to Barcelona, ​​and then take the shuttle takes about 4 chasov.Vtoroy way to get to Andorra - it is to fly from Moscow to the French Toulouse and from there transfer to a bus to your destination.

Those who do not think the state of the security measures is going to visit for the first time. Andorra is one of the most peaceful European countries, which has not only the airport but also the prison. Caution should be exercised in France and in Spain.

The number of hotels, resorts nahodyaschihsyanedaleko of significant minimum, poetomupoklonniki outdoor activities increasingly prefer ostanavlivatsyav hotels large by the standards of Andorra gorodov.Ih divided into 3 categories.

1 Hotels in Andorra La Vella. Their advantage lies in close proximity to the main ski stations, and an impressive number of bars, clubs and discos.

2. Village hotels. The duration of the path to the nearest lift is from 5 to 15 minutes.

3. Hotel located 100 meters from the ski lifts.


Arriving in Andorra, every tourist must:

• Spend the most money on cosmetics, perfume and other types of shopping

• Visit a Jacuzzi in the "Caldea"

• View the exhibits Automobile Museum

• To go to the city of Canillo and spend the night on ledyanomtantspole

• Walk on foot through the most unspoiled places in Andorra (we are talking about the village of Llorts)

• The town of Ordino to visit the Museum of miniatures and try to see at least one of the exhibits.


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