Ah, the holidays!

Ah, the holidays!

Every year, during the onset of summer, which of the people would not want to take off somewhere out of the city and relax so that it will remember for years to come, to come back refreshed and "brand new." Of course, the first association with the summer - a trip to the country, to nature. In my thoughts immediately seems a hammock, cold brew and a nice apple tree that and shakes its branches because of the playful breeze.

As there are many different resorts that beckon and its luxury, bright and beautiful leaflets, which are represented by larger houses with red roofs on the shores of the azure shores of the sea, which is and would like to go. Naturally, this pleasure will be far from small money. But for what then all the people work all year round? For what so get up early and go to work, working non-stop? Not a single person who would have refused to leave after months of heavy work. Many people work for the arrival of the summer to go abroad and spend an unforgettable summer.

Every year, more than half of our country going to rest in a foreign country

For example, in Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Greece and other countries with excellent resorts. All year the family save money to take himself and his family on vacation, and that would be useful, and inexpensive, and, of course, remember only positive aspects. Any adult would have liked to forget about work and escape in a different city, located by the sea, live in a small house on the beach and enjoy the sea breeze. How nice to just go to the beach, be on the warm sand and watch the endless waves that are so eager to see you, but someone would not let them. And how well the sea, you can not see the edges, do not see the bottom. It frightens and fascinates at the same time.

The sea is calm, and it happens that something angers him and waves rise, the sun runs beyond the clouds. How many poets from around the world sung by a beautiful and cruel sea. It is impossible not to see the profound beauty, it is impossible to stop fascinated by nature. You go slowly closer to the sea, feel the breeze and smell the sea. As soon as you approach close enough, the wave will stretch your hand, then will wrap your feet, ankles and then finally calf. Seep hand on your hip closer to the body, seized his thin but imperious hands of the ribs, will take to your captive forever. Farther and farther from the shore, getting closer and closer to the sea. All further away from the everyday hustle and work closer to the rest.


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