Acclimatization in hot countries

Acclimatization in hot countries

To go to relax in the tropical country dream of many. But choosing a fashionable swimsuit and other attributes of a beach holiday, many people forget about the main thing, on the preparation of the body's own climate change. But hardly anyone wants while relaxing experience discomfort, which can deliver the acclimatization and feel on your body unusual time zone. Someone suffers all the changes easily, but still acclimatization affects anyone who came from the north to the warm sea.


As the air temperature is high, the heat is broken due to temperature fluctuations, high humidity and heat. Acclimatization usually lasts about 10 days.

It is manifested by the following symptoms: lethargy, loss of appetite, poor health, lack of sleep and increased sweating. Especially the change of climatic zones children suffer badly.


How to protect and pass safely acclimatize?


It is necessary to think in advance about a month before traveling. Prepare the body can proper nutrition and intake of vitamins contained in fruits and vegetables.


The topical smaller countries, it is desirable to use local delicacies. Reasonable likely to eat European cuisine. But if you still want to try the local delicacies, it is better to give preference to light meals.


Those who are prone to diseases, it is best before the trip, to visit their primary care physician. The doctor will give the necessary guidance and prescribe vitamins to strengthen the immune system. To adapt good adaptogens: ginseng and lemongrass.


A more careful you have to be at the beginning of vacation. I need more sleep, less to drink coffee and do not drink alcohol. It is advisable to visit the massage parlor, receiving treatment procedures and a contrast shower.


Do not try to quickly get a tan. Sun exposure is better to limit to one hour per day. Do not forget the important attributes - a hat and sunglasses. You need to try to avoid overheating in the sun from 11 to 15 hours, as this is the hottest time.


Whatever happens dehydration, it is necessary to drink more water, green tea or juice.


Allergy sufferers should remember that climate change can trigger an exacerbation. Therefore, they should always be in possession of a first aid kit with anti-allergy drugs.




It is possible after the return. The body will take some time to get used again. Make it simple: the order of the week will have to live and entertain measured life.

If you observe the recommendations listed, you can relax with no worries.


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