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Boston - a major port of the Atlantic, the capital of Massachusetts, founded by Puritan refugees, who moved to New England in the 17th century from the persecution of British authorities. Bostonians are known in the world as big workaholics. They really appreciate good manners. Bostonians are accused even of excessive adherence to customs: the famous families still hold annual balls.

Boston is full of contrasts. It successfully combines the advantages of urbanization with the friendly atmosphere of a small town. In the heart of Boston, from the past, there was a red brick of Victorian estates in the Beacon Hill quarter, whose squares in the greenery of trees, balconies in flowers, cobbled streets and gas lamps reminded the "good old England." In the business part of the city, the dominance of skyscrapers, financial institutions, decorated with marble. Boston-patrimony of bankers. Elegant boutiques, art galleries and coffee shops are located in old houses. Copley Place, connected to other stores by a glass tunnel, accommodates more than 200 shops and restaurants. The subject of special pride of Bostonians is the high-speed transit system "T", which connects the main historical monuments with other areas. However, Boston still justifies its nickname of "city for walks."

Boston is the first university city in the USA. There are more than 70 universities and colleges here. Crossing the bridge over the Charles River, you get to Cambridge, where the highest concentration of "gray matter" is noted. This is the intellectual elite of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - two of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning. Here in 1926 the first computer was invented. The greatest impression on tourists is produced by the Aquarium of New England - a giant maritime museum containing 2000 species of fish, and the Museum of Science with a stereoscopic cinema Omnimaks.


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