A trip to Italy - an unforgettable experience!

A trip to Italy - an unforgettable experience!

Not only beautiful natural scenery, unforgettable architecture of cities, but also a rich culture with historical past, each year draws to a huge number of tourists from all over the world. There are very sensitive to the traditions and architectural heritage.


As usual, a guided tour to Italy begins with the capital facing the Tiber River. In these historical objects preserved in Rome, evidence of the existence of ancient and great civilization - the Roman Empire. The ability to touch unique story deserves to dream to be in these places.


Where usually sent tourists in Italy


The Vatican, as is commonly believed - it is a small state within a state (often called the city-state). Here lives the Pope - the head of the Roman Catholic Church and the local population of 1,000 people. Each year, the Vatican attracts pilgrims from all corners of the earth to the various religious celebrations. The Vatican Museum, Vatican Library aims to get a huge number of tourists. There are meeting rooms and offices, where no one is allowed, there is the whole secret compartments, where you store valuable historical documents: the Gospel of Luke, the Gospel of John, the works of Aristotle. The Orthodox Christian holy places you can visit in Venice, Florence, Milan.


Excursions in Italy usually include other historical cities. Most often it is the Tivoli, Naples and Florence. The first of these is a resort town, monuments protected by UNESCO architecture. Located 40 kilometers from Rome, Tivoli is a modern holiday destination metropolitan aristocracy.


The world-famous volcano Vesuvius attracts a huge number of people in Naples. In this major port city at the same time you can admire the sea and the mountains. For tourists discovered ancient monuments: the Cathedral of San Gennaro, Cathedral of St. Francis, the church of San Lorenzo Maggiore, the church of Santa Chiara.


Romantics and dreamers often attracts Florence, amazing in its beauty. In addition to the exclusive features of urban planning, come here to enjoy the contemplation of works of art: the Uffizi Gallery are stored Raphael, Rubens, Perugia, Titian.


Where to buy a guided tour


Italy is beautiful all year round, so you can go there at any time. Popular tour agencies can arrange tours to Italy at prices that are selected individually and depend on the wishes regarding the program. Rub shoulders with the world's history and culture, feel the inspiration of these places, the atmosphere of which has appreciated Russian artists in the XIX century. We are sure your trip will be memorable


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